Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Drawings of Coworkers Part 2 - Munyong

Here's the man named Munyong.

Here we go. Let's have a look at some caricature attempts on my part. Let's see...........We've got a whole bunch to pick through, but much much of it isn't worth looking at so we'll skip most of those, but........let's see.......First we have..............Ah. Munyong on a horse.
 Here he is. You'll notice he's got a little drink in his hand. You'll see soon that that's a recurring theme. I always imagine that Munyong is a horrible drunk which couldn't be further from fiction. Munyong is a fantastic caricature artist and he's also very hardworking and dependable.

But one time he made and off-hand remark about my wife so I did this drawing.

 And that's Munyong on the left there, posing as the fetching female in a couple caricature demo. The guy on the right is just made up.

 Ok. This one may be a likeness fail. I just wanted to show Munyong as a rough-around-the-edges Korean guy. That's some soju in Munyong's arm. Soju is Munyong's favorite "mature beverage." That book he has is a Korean Traditional Book which every man is suppose to read. It's called Sam Gook Ji. The tatoo on his arm is a Korean swear word which basically means a thoughtless baby animal. "Cheesan Sehkee" But this is a bad likeness. Oh boy.

 I'm not crazy about this one. I cheaped out with the closed eyes and. Ah. I don't know. This approach is maybe a little done, as it were.

 Sometimes Munyong looks like this.

Oh boy. I don't know.

 I feel this to be the strongest likeness. I made this for Munyong to hang up in his kitchen where he drinks his Soju.

 And that's it folks. Come back soon. I'll post up some more coworkers. It's probably gonna be JeeHae next. She's known to have an incredible face. So be ready!

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Pete Wagner said...

Must not be too busy there, with all those drawings of Munyong. I like the one on the horse and the "rough around the edges" one best. Hey, Aaron, I've been trying to answer your posts on my caricature blog but the damn thing is messed up and I can't reply to them. I'll go into the dashboard and see if I can figure out why they won't "take." Hope this one works.