Sunday, December 30, 2007

park skitchees

  He wanted it to be as nerdy as possible. I like my World of Warcraft poster. He was big into that.
  This guy was cool. This was actually an Andy reject. Andy drew a trumpet when the guy asked for a trombone. You gotta check out Andy's blog though. He's real good. He's a pioneer. No joke.

Painting for my family for Christmas

  I painted my family for Christmas because I had more time and artistic drive than money. Keeping track of the process kept me going and kept me on track. I got it here for you in reverse order.

  I layed in some colors going for a certain look in my mind but not knowing exactly what I wanted.
  I started coloring in between the lines, hoping and aiming to establish a sense of space.
  This is the first of many layout attempts I did on tracing paper.
  I designed each pose individually until i had what I wanted. then I transfered it to the board using graphite.
  I began in my sketchbook, by drawing my family from photos, and a very sloppy layout sketch.

  The project was very rewarding and I was motivated the whole way through because it's something like I've never done, and cuz it made me remember the old homestead and all my loved ones.