Monday, December 21, 2015

I drew this little baby. It was so cute. I think it was a little Cuban baby. fun to draw. Good customers. Baby's can be so fun.

 End of the night so I think they were getting a little antsy but they had good faces and I knew they would like it so I muscled on through. It came out good. Lookin like a hotdog cut in half nose.

This is my friend and comrad Chris Chua.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Here's to you Marc Boutavant. California Boys loves you more than you will know. Wo Wo Wo

We've been collabing with this fellow named Marc Boutavant unbenounced to him.  We got these stickers at the art store and were seasoning our caricatures with them. Its pretty fun. I feel like what little middleschool girls must feel like.

 And Here's a Collab with me and Chua

Jumpy Jumpy. Stickers are the best part of this one.

Saemee helped out a lot with sticker placement. She tells me she's the sticker master from back in the day when she had like hundreds of pages of stickers. All this is coming in very usefull now.

We've had this monkey workin with us.

 We haven't really done any collabs yet. He and I. but it'll happen. I did stick a couple stickers on his pictures though.

I think my signature looks cooler without a stupid date all beside it all cocky like it matters. And which period was this from? Was this from his sticker period. Look at them nice lil stickers by the way. Look at that jumping cast shadow at the bottom thghou. best part.

I think this one has the record for the most stickers on it. At first I was like 'I like this one; let's be cautious with the stickers' but then I wised up and said 'I like this one; let's go overboard with the stickers' and i never looked back. Look how nice that nice little signature in the corner looks. No date. sounds like my weekend. jk. my whole life is a date. One other thing you should check out is the snowman's goal post arms. I learned that from Saemee. Feel free to incorporate it into your own caricature life choices.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

carny wuz here

These guys were about as cool of customers as I could hope for. They laughed and enjoyed it and stuff and then he was like...Did you give me three eyes? And I was like yeah. Hahaha. And then, without being rude or anything he was like, "I gotta ask..hahaha. what made you decide to give me three eyes." And I said after thinking a little bit. "Well's complicated... I was gonna give you one—" and that made him laugh pretty hard, and then I guess I forget what I said after that. Anyway they liked it and were real cool.

 we have had a lot of rain here lately. its fun trying to draw rain different ways. Actually, I asked if Saemee could draw the rain for me on this one, and she started drawing all these upside down hearts. She was kind of experimenting and stuff. It looked a little sparse to me so I filled it in with the colorful lines.

 I didn't do his gold teeth very well but since then I bought some sparkly gold paint from the craft store. I'm real eager to use it. Of course that aint gonna read well in photos, well what are ya gonna do. I think part of my Carny Mercury persona will be stuff like sparkly paint and super big names like in the Ben Hur poster.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

things to show. little or no commentary.

whos that little guy down there in the corner?

chua collab

chua collab

chua collab

chua collab

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015

More Miami and why not

This is my favorite in a long time but they had some great faces. This is a father and son. They shared a particular quality about their faces having to do with the sleek linearity of their frontal silhouette, but almost everything else about their faces was way way different. But they were so fun to draw.
Awesome couple. He had a very big hand as you can see here.
She was pregnant and he was responsible. I converted the baby into explosive color energy.

Collaboration with Saemee. Couple a great ladies. The punchline is Maria's little leg there.

Bubbly family. Dad was way cool. A little added feature in this one is the way the baby's legs double as the ninja turtle's legs. I wasn't sure what to do with mom's arms, but I like my afterthought of having her holding her hands near the baby, ready to catch him.

Mom gently touching the baby's head here.

Collaboration with Saemee. We compelled this couple to sit because of their awesome faces and engergy and with much pushing and persuasion they sat and we did this pretty fast knowing that's what they needed. and saemee still managed to put an audacious siamese heart self portrait of me and her in there.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

miami caricature customers are pretty savvy

one quick story. I drew, I think it was, my first drawing today. This one. I wasn't too happy with it but the baby was ridiculously all over the place, BUT that doesn't really give me an excuse, especially for the couple, and they had good faces. the reaction was a little ho hum. but here's the drawing.

And then later in the day after I was much more warmed up I did a drawing of a little Viatnamese kid riding on a t rex and it came out pretty cool I have to say, but I didn't get a photo. I really wish I did, but for some reason I guess there was just too much going on, but then I turn around and there was that family from earlier in the day, here to pick up their drawing which was being held, but after doing such a cool fun drawing of the kid on the t rex, I was a the word 'chagrinned' bumping into them at that moment and the lady very nicely explained that she really wasn't happy with the drawing I did of them, and I told her that I agreed with her. And they sat down for a redraw. And it ended up coming out much better, and they were cool with it. It wasn't a wizbang reaction, and I wouldn't expect it too be cuz I already let the air out of their big wizbang balloon with the first drawing, but they did, especially the dad, seem to like the second drawing.

now this all happened a day after something a little similar happened. I drew a couple for four dollars off, on the hush hush since saemee was drawing some customers at full price. So me and the guy had our shifty shady little rapor going with our little twenty dollar handshake and all, and I .. of course I wanted to do a cool drawing. I guess I might have been rushing a bit, but also my marker was getting dry. Now forgive me. I don't have a drawing to show you but it came out pretty bland. His wife came out pretty good, but his face had too much potential. And they were cool enough with the drawing, especially him, but their friend then came up while I was drawing a different couple which they seemed to think I was putting more effort into. Of course there were other factors. One big one being that I didn't want to do another drawing I wasn't happy with, but their friend was asking me if I could redo their sketch and stuff like that, but I was telling her that I couldn't and sorry and stuff like that. But I tell you what. The guy was cool in my book. He handled it perfect. A little while after, he laid his rolled up sketch on the empty chair beside me and said something that I remember being like he appreciated the effort. So he just gave me the sketch back. No strings attached, but they were still hanging around the stand cuz their friend was gonna get drawn by Saemee with her boyfriend, so as soon as I got the chance I went and gave him his money back and said 'sorry' or 'sorry man.' as far as I can see it, miami people like caricatures to be funny and crazy and animated. It's a great crowd. And I haven't yet gotten anything I could rightly call a reject. So that's my story. And for being so patient and reading through all that and soaking it all up. Here's a baby I did..and photo reference too cuz it's your lucky day.

Sunday, October 25, 2015