Sunday, December 6, 2015

carny wuz here

These guys were about as cool of customers as I could hope for. They laughed and enjoyed it and stuff and then he was like...Did you give me three eyes? And I was like yeah. Hahaha. And then, without being rude or anything he was like, "I gotta ask..hahaha. what made you decide to give me three eyes." And I said after thinking a little bit. "Well's complicated... I was gonna give you one—" and that made him laugh pretty hard, and then I guess I forget what I said after that. Anyway they liked it and were real cool.

 we have had a lot of rain here lately. its fun trying to draw rain different ways. Actually, I asked if Saemee could draw the rain for me on this one, and she started drawing all these upside down hearts. She was kind of experimenting and stuff. It looked a little sparse to me so I filled it in with the colorful lines.

 I didn't do his gold teeth very well but since then I bought some sparkly gold paint from the craft store. I'm real eager to use it. Of course that aint gonna read well in photos, well what are ya gonna do. I think part of my Carny Mercury persona will be stuff like sparkly paint and super big names like in the Ben Hur poster.

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