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I was misquoted in an article in which I was interviewed and the misquoted portion of the the article is the part that they chose as a spot quote. I know the world has bigger fish to fry, but this is my fish. so finally there's some news about Aaron Philby.

In the article, what I said was "...Caricatures aren't about drawing mean spirited or ugly pictures of people, but it's more like ‘how can I do a drawing of you that’s definitely you and nobody else without using your most unusual elements as my very basis?’ What can a caricature artist aspire to if not giving everybody a different drawing at the very least?..."
But what the article said was:

I highlighted the vital problem:

an edit that changes "Maybe I have to draw you ugly to make sure I'm drawing you" into "a caricature is where you try to figure out how not to draw somebody ugly."

Here's a link to the article which is otherwise fine. Thanks to my friend, Wil, who hooked it up. I know it was your editors who buggered the pull quote so no hard feelings.

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English Dittos for Children and Foreigners

 Actually, there should be one word left over.

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From the Latin "one who swags"

This was all very surprising to me. Where have I been? Under a rock? Rock and roller, Jerry Lee Lewis married his cousin. But get this. His cousin was none other than Jimmy Swaggart, renowned televangalist. And since Jimmy was underage at the time and a man, let's not forget, the Assemblies of God insisted that he be defrocked and punched in the face, a punishment from which he has never fully recovered.


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