Saturday, September 13, 2014


Don't show me your bric-a-brack. If you're gonna put something in front of my face make it worth looking at.


what's this?

That's a caricature I drew of a couple that I feel came out pretty good.

Where's the couple? What do they look like? I wanna see a photo.

I don't have a photo

So why am I looking at this

I don't know

Is that Munyong?


Hahaha. Nice. I like it. 

How do you know Munyong?

You drew him last week.

The week before.

That's right. This is cool. You should draw everybody how they are at their easel.

I should.

Kinda sloppy though.

But then you're my worst critic

I doubt it

 I could be anywhere right now. I could be on Reddit or in the real world

This is a drawing of mine that Munyong copied and then I guess he used the same sheet to do line quality excersizes, and this was very surprising when I found it. It looks very gruesome.

That's pretty funny. Next

You see this?


Can you guess what this started off as?

maybe,...I'm gonna say...people walking around with fifty some dollars and having a pretty good day.

that's nice. That's really funny. You sound like dialogue. This isn't my drawing, anyway. This is by Minok. And it started off as this.

Hahaha. that's a very liberal interpretation. 

This one's by Sujin

And this is by Munyong

Is that yours, I'm guessing?


This is Young Eun's

What's the message in all this?

That is a leap and a half.

The message is whatever you want it to be. There's no message.

That was cool, Aaron Philby.


I feel like the message must be something like...don't draw caricatures.

It's mostly just a neat little game that I wanted to show the results of.

No photo?

No photo

This is cool though. And I like how the umbrella doesn't make sense but it still feels like an umbrella.

That's Sunny! I like that. I do believe you captured her essence. See, I like it when I know who it's suppose to look like otherwise its just cartoons, and not even that.

I like how I made his nose orange.

Your a weird guy, Aaron Philby. Don't ever let anybody tell you different.

Did you notice how she's giving me a look.

You know what? She's giving you a look but he's actually giving you the look, like on Ace Ventura when he's trying to find the guy with the missing diamond and he's in the bathroom at the urinal.

Oh. yeah. hahaha. I can see it.

That's the look. She's looking at you like "are you makin jokes?"

And I was

Was her chin really like that?


Friday, September 5, 2014

Vinculum? I hardly knew 'um.

This is a lovely drawing I did of Minjong on the slowest day ever. I drew it after I wrote the following stuff you're about to read. The picture has nothing directly to to do with the stuff so don't think it's a visual aid or you will become very confused.

you may procede

  I'm sorry. I really am. I promise I'm not bein smart, but I want to share with you, my spam bots, something I thought about that was kind of groovy. First I had this thought:

Ideally, for a caricature artist, the unseen and the always seen get the same treatment.

Then I thought, well that's pretty solid. Maybe I can graph that.

so here's our x axis then

 and our y axis then


Now, as we go from "always seen" and move leftward toward "unseen," we're going to gradually increase because we're going toward more bizarre and unusual and interesting features. Away from things like, his head is connected to his neck. He has two eyes. When he smiles his teeth show. His eyebrows have a space between them.

But when we move in from the opposite side, from unseen, the things you don't draw because they aren't there--things like..he has hair on his tongue, his face is on fire--as soon as you enter from the left axis, into the the "almost hardly ever, once in a lifetime, see" zone--as soon as you move this direction the tiniest imaginable distance, you're immediately in the "should draw" zone as deep as you can possibly be. So the graph goes up like this. 

I think this would have to be aaaaaaaaaalmost a right triangle, but we can't really express it visually, but if we use math, maybe it's like this, but i wish I was more math savy. 

  Here I'm in a situation where if I knew useless geometry more good I could solve this.
   And I don't know if "point zero repeating, one" is an actual number, because I would have to use a Google search to find that out, and I was unable to figure out how to type a repeating symbol on a Mac. The above 9 was done with copy and paste.

One thing I did learn was that the idea of a repeating decimal is actually controversial. Some mathematicians say .9 is actually 1. If we at the blog realm discover that to be the case, you can be sure we'll change it to .99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999. So dont' worry about that.

I use to love math back in 7th grade. And then 8th grade I lost my grip on all of it. It depends so much on the teacher and I did not like my 8th grade teacher's teaching. I need a teacher that says everything with a sly grin out the side of their mouth like they got the scoop. my 8th grade teacher taught like she was doing announcements at a company union meeting.
 And I had a great chemistry teacher, but he said something that I still just don't get. He said "When you're driving, every time a mosquito hits your wind shield your car stops very briefly." Is that crazy?! Of course it is, but from knowing the guy, I know he knows what he's talking about, but it didn't make sense to me then, and it doesn't make sense to me now. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Another this another that

Another Moon Young

 Another G Hay

Another Candy Girl

Another Chinese customer

 And Another

And a Brazillian


Friday, August 29, 2014

Night Scene

We did some traveling, me and the lady and her family. I got to paint and hang out with her father some. Here's a little night scene I managed. The nice thing about a night scene is the light doesn't keep changing, but then there's the mosquitoes. I got pretty bit up incase anyone's interested. Both of my tootsies got a big hum dinger right one the top right where the laces would be if my foot was a shoe and those suckers itch like a monkey. Long story short, we got to travel around some and one thing I saw that was pretty unforgettable was out by the ocean, in this sandy mucky beach area there were tons of little shells and some of them were empty and little crabs would shatch them up and walk around with um pretending to be snails. There were so many tiny little crabs out there with and without confiscated shells that I made sure I kicked shoes off real clean because those lil critters were just barely visible but they were definitely there. I keep going on and on with this paragraph because I keep hoping I'll say something worth ending on but it hasn't happened yet. So, I'm looking forward to going to the caricature convention and mostly just being back in America. I can't wait to draw with markettes again. Boy what I wouldn't give to draw a caricature with a nice juicy markette with a good tip. Boy howdy. As long as there's lots of markettes in America, well then, by George Joseph Jones that's the place I gotta be. Wind in my hair, nothin but road ahead of me, one arm out the window, the other texting, and the good Lord steering, by golly. I miss Arby's, for one. And the Taco Bell here doesn't have pintos and cheese. And the Subway doesn't taste quite the same, and Starbucks and the Chinese people. Oh, you know what's funny. If someone, for instance me, were to say something like "Wow there's so many Chinese people here," that might come off like a dumb blonde joke or something but it's the truth. There are lots and lots of Chinese people here for this not being China. And you may just think I'm over accustomed and holier than though, but Chinese doesn't sound ANYTHING like Korean. It sounds like..It sounds like Chinese, and then Korean sounds like..I guess it does sound a little like Chinese... but much quieter. Chinese people are loud. thanks for coming to my blog. Come back anytime. You're always welcome.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Jimmy Crack Corn

 The young German boy who looked like a truck driver

The first middle aged woman Disney Princess

The Chinese lady who looked like a wheel

The perfectly healthy young lad who looked like a trisomy 21

The young boy who looked like a beautiful woman

The little girl who looked like a little piggy oink oink

   It was awesome. He didn't speak any English, and anytime I asked him anything, he'd say huh and lean in and make the expression that I ended up drawing. But I should have made him squinting too because that was part of the expression but I guess I flubbled that up a little.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

distortion and all that kind of talk

  I did a blog post before where I made an attempt at describing what might be the relationship between exaggeration, likeness, and distortion using math notation. It was as follows.

Distortion = Exaggeration - Likeness

either that or..

Distortion = Exaggeration ÷ Likeness

  I also said that, personally, I don't see any use for the word "distortion" in a discussion about caricatures, but the equations were a way for making sense of how distortion could possibly be a meaningful term if amount of exaggeration is seen as being distinctly different from amount of likeness(which is not quite how I see it). But I hadn't thought about this:
If... amount of distortion = amount of exaggeration - amount of likeness
then... amount of likeness + amount of distortion = amount of exaggeration

and this makes it perfectly clear to me how useless that equation is. And the division one doesn't make much sense either. Soooooooo.

I was thinking about this. I do like "distortion" as a very general sort of word to talk about the kind of action that might be exaggeration or might be not, might be deliberate or might be not, might be successful or might be not. I always have to make a long convoluted sentence when I want to express this concept, and anyway, you know, so many times when the word "distortion" is used for caricatures it has the word "just" in front of it. So hear me out now. I think I got it figured out somewhat.
 So all this time...exaggeration was a type of distortion all along. And when people say "just distortion" That means it's all distortion...but some distortion is a specialized kind of distortion called "exaggeration."
   So looking at "amount of distortion = amount of exaggeration - amount of likeness" again, this would have distortion as a type of exaggeration, but it's the other way around is what I'm saying. So what's a good word for "any deviation from exact representation of something." I got a good word for that. How bout "distortion." But I hardly ever hear anybody use a sentence like "That's a fantastic caricature. Most of the distortions are exaggerationary." Nobody ever says that. And nore should they.