Saturday, May 31, 2014

Live and kicking

Hi! I'm a reject.

I don't like this one much now, but at the time I liked it.

   I thought this one was black and white, and I added gray scale values in there as I do on rare ocassion, and it happened this occasion that they had ordered color but I forgot, so I put the color over top of the gray scale making for a washed out newspapery feel. They got a frame. I told Saemee this story and she told me that the one time in her live caricature career where this same thing happened, it also resulted in a frame. So keep that in mind. A little frame trick for you.

This is the candy store girl again. I drew her a few posts back. She's got a good face and this is the closest I've come to properly showing what it feels like.

some tude well then

This caricature makes a sound. "A0HHHHHH"

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Meaning of Hearts in Caricatures

This is what rejects use to look like  

                                      a way back when   


 Are you kidding me!? This is butterfly kisses.

 What will the future of rejects look like? I can only imagine 

and puke.

Here's what rejects looked like a month ago.

Now, If I was single and you wanted to fix me up with somebody and all you had to show me was this, my interest would be piqued. How lovely must she be that a caricature artist--a Neanderthal among men--a savage, veral hippocentaur would enwreath her face with hearts and little energy lines indicating a one point horizon that ends at her soul of all places. 

Maybe it's too majestic and that's the problem. 

Enough with the rejects.

 What does two hearts suggest? The angel and the devil or yin and yang. It's more down to earth and won't be taken for sarcasm. It's me saying I know you have your good days and bad days.

This drawing looks like a clean kitchen.

This looks like a toothache on school photo day.

One heart means one love. One time I drew a guy with a hat that said "one love" and then on into the drawing, I found out that his last name is Love and then I was like "oh, haha. I see. That's why your hat says 'one love'" and he just said "no" abruptly. But he didn't explain "one love" to me. But yeah. I mean, I dig. I get it now, but yeah. It's like, I can't explain it if you don't understand. You gotta grow into it with maturity. I was 25 at the time. He was maybe 40. I'm 31 now. I'm gonna die some day. One love, you guys. 

 It's kinda like "love". How do you explain love? It's better to just draw a heart and let people feel it, but you can put "one" in front of " love" and it's harder to explain but also deeper and richer.

What does no hearts mean? Sometimes you just gotta take risks.

But seriously though. I think a million hearts represents all the people and the situations surrounding the couple. No one is an island and we all depend on our vast networks of friends and aquaintences, basically Facebook. The hearts represent Facebook. The clouds represent "the cloud." The words are Reddit. Good grief. When I was young I told myself that whatever culture turned into I would never look at it like "what's all this malarkey," and I'm stickin to it dag nabbit!

But rejects these days.
Just kidding. Not a reject. Two hearts for her future struggle between obesity and Bohemia. I meant to say Bohemia but the iPad changed it into Bohemia. One heart up top beside her name and slightly bigger. What does that represent? I'll give you a second to think about it.

It's her inner strength and beauty. She wins the struggle between obesity and Bohemia. 

I like this oneWo'op--- I just noticed
The hearts on her shirt. We got more work to do. Three black hearts in a row...
Oh this is too obvious. She's got that really flirty look on her face. He's kinda just dumb and happy. Three black hearts.... BLACK HEARTS!!? Oh man. This is trouble. Red, the traditional heart color is exactly in the middle of the value spectrum between black and white. These hearts could easily be white. Why black? The color of mold and witches and oil. This girl. She's a heart breaker to be sure. If my sense of caricature meaning serves me-- and it never fails, this young lady has three other boyfriends...AND THEY'RE BLACKWhich is fine, but cheating on your boyfriend is never fine. Look at this innocent looking dope. It breaks my..........heart I'm sorry that wasn't suppose to be a pun.

This drawing was so fun. I drew the girl in the right corner first and it just started the drawing off really...questionable. I gave her some deep lines that smelled like danger but then my plan was that really deep color and her sister coming out sufficiently...funky? could save the picture. It ended up getting a really great laugh. And I think they got a frame too actually. What does the green heart mean then? I don't know. What does anything mean? Always with the questions! Is it not obvious what the heart means? It's stinky green love. These women have a smell to them, clearly, and I wanted that smell to come through in my caricature. It's a process I refer to as smell draining. I take all their smells and dirty habits. Maybe they pick their nose on the subway or try to cut in front of people at the Seven Eleven. I take these things and I drain them into a single heart which would otherwise be red or pink, but it has absorbed their smell and the chemical reaction of this draining process turns the heart green. And you can see the heart looks like it's heading out of frame. This allows the women to look at this picture and experience a catharsis about all their smells.

Mom loved this one. She kept laughing and saying a Korean phrase that I understand as "this thing is no joke!" 

I've seen it written that a painting or drawing ought to stand on it's own without any writing. I saw that written somewhere...

 One heart; one love.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Some Drawings of Places

This here is the ally way where my wife's parents apartment is. The cat straight ahead me and Saemee saw mating with another cat earlier in the day.

This is one of our caricature locations at Lotte World. On busy days such as this one a long line to a roller coaster forms a barrier between us and potential customers.. made of a relatively captive audience, if we could only figure out how to capture them.

And this is Young Eun drawing customers at that same stand.

Saturday, May 3, 2014