Saturday, May 31, 2014

Live and kicking

Hi! I'm a reject.

I don't like this one much now, but at the time I liked it.

   I thought this one was black and white, and I added gray scale values in there as I do on rare ocassion, and it happened this occasion that they had ordered color but I forgot, so I put the color over top of the gray scale making for a washed out newspapery feel. They got a frame. I told Saemee this story and she told me that the one time in her live caricature career where this same thing happened, it also resulted in a frame. So keep that in mind. A little frame trick for you.

This is the candy store girl again. I drew her a few posts back. She's got a good face and this is the closest I've come to properly showing what it feels like.

some tude well then

This caricature makes a sound. "A0HHHHHH"


Emily Byrne said...

I love your blog and artwork! You should have 50,000 views a day.

Aaronphilby said...

Thanks Emily. (: You're such a kind lady to me.