Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sunny Day Sweeping the Clouds Away

 Here's one of our caricature locations. On the right, we see Lulu. On the left is Sunny. Jinah is straight ahead. My three coworkers here are having a conversation in their native language of Korean or Hangul. I only understand bits and pieces, but I've been taking many proactive steps toward learning Korean. I read the story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl translated into Korean and now I'm going to read the English version and then I'll read the Korean version again and go back and fourth in this way as long as I can. I'm curious about what that kind of learning will feel like and this makes me if I need motivation since my wife is Korean...but actually I do, because she speaks English pretty well and almost everybody in Korea wants to learn English and has more good reason to learn English than I have a justifiable reason for wanting to learn Korean so they try to speak English to me and enjoy when I speak English to them, but I want to learn Korean. I want to experience a completely different culture from my own from the inside. A different culture is like a different world. It feels like a different world when you grow up surrounded by one culture and you know that there are other cultures outside of your culture, but you, or rather, I didn't realize how much of what I was surrounded by was simply western culture rather than..I guess I could say life.

 We live in an apartment. There is no desk really which can be uncomfortable sometimes. Everything happens on the floor, except for cooking and showering. I want a desk. The next place we move to is going to be bigger and have a desk. I need a desk and a chair darn it! I'm a human being, and my life has value! Just joking. This is our humble lil apartment. We got a tv. It came with the place. Sometimes we'll watch tv. I like a show that's called "anyunghasayyo" which translates to "hello" in korean. Also, to say the word "is" you say "eebneeda" which explains why my Korean Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is so much thicker than my English version. If you want to say, for example, "Hi. My name is Slicka Slicka Slim Shady" in Korean, you have to say "An-yung-ha-say-yo. Jae  ee-dum-eun  seu-lee-ka  seu-lee-ka  seu-leem shae-dee  eeb-nee-da."

We have a caricature location at the entrance to a trick-eye museum. You can see at the bottom left of this drawing the top of a pop can which is suppose to look like it's standing up on the ground if you see it from far away, but the lighting is not done too well so there's a glare and the illusion is lost. I've never actually been inside to see the actual museum yet. I've been to trick-eye museums before though. They're pretty cool. I imagine they will be much more prevalent and advanced as time goes by. I hear there's a mirror maze inside. I've only been in one good mirror maze in my life and it was at Lotte World. I love a good mirror maze.

And here's a street in Seoul. Today is such a beautiful day. I drew this today on the way home from the hospital. The hospital's not as much of a big deal here and it's much cheaper. People go to the hospital for a simple cold which I, and as of this morming my wife have, but I've also had this bizarre ear ache for the past few days which really did merit going to the hospital. The doctor cleaned me out and said there was some Q-tip in there, and also mold. I clean my left ear a lot because it's always more itchy than my right ear. The Q-tips in Korea are not like in America. They're more flimsy. Is this the reason some of the Q-tip came off in my ear, or have I had a piece of Q-tip in my ear for the past 20 years which made it itchy which causes me to clean my left ear too much making there be not enough essential wax to fight off the resultant mold? I'm not sure, but Doc cleaned me out good and said don't clean my ear for a while.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Comedians plus Dick Cavett

 Norm MacDonald

 Dave Chapelle

Colin Quinn

Dick Cavett

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My 10 Favorite Chris Chua Drawings











Saturday, March 8, 2014


 My first cyclops. I drew this about a week ago. They really enjoyed it.

 Fun lil Chinese kid I drew today. Today was fun. I drew between my good friends, Sujin and Lulu.

 From today also. She looked super Japanese and he looked super Korean. They were a super couple and they enjoyed their sketch.

Last sketch of the day.

This peanutish caricature head shape that we just slap on people that kind of have it but kind of don't was actually this girl's head shape for real, resulting in a reject. Bless her little heart. I underlined her name with what my wife would call a 비밀 털.