Saturday, April 25, 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

Fairly Slow times but not so slow you do zero days or anything like that

I was suddenly and inexplicably possessed by the power to not care even 1% about anything but having fun trying to make fun of one of these Chinese's girls' smiles. You'll not know which one without noting her clothing, but something about the smile and the situation made good sense. 
   There's a certain kind of young Chinese girl customer that always means a really good chance of getting a reject. So then I guess that could partially explik the power that came over me, but anyway, the girls all ended up really enjoying the caricature and we all took a photo together, but there was a brief moment where the slightest hiccup could have derailed everything when one of the girls pointed to a noncrazy demo on the wall and says that this is what they wanted, and I was able, without stammering or hiccuping to say, that that girl is somebody else, and this is her. And that was it. They all had a great time. And for you, my doubtful reader, when the girl smiles she looks a lot more like my caricature, but there's something about the logic in pointing to a demo and saying 'I want to look like that', or 'she wants to look like that' where I can feel confident that she doesn't think about likeness at all in the way most of us think about likeness, and my wanting to satisfy this customer, in that moment, felt neither easy nor hard, but hilarious.

Dave Patel is here now. What a face. This is the first of hopefully a million drawings I will do.

 Min Jeong

 New girl

 A different new girl

 Fun brother and sister from Hong Kong


Monday, April 6, 2015

Let's get that

Let's get that out of the way.

What awesome, weird people these guys were. 

Are ya now?

boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring, but she like it.

This one came out good and brought in customers. He had a very small head for a grown man.

Sausage lips. I felt it, but I'm not gonna show you the photo because sausage lips don't show up when you photograph them.

  He had a feel like that actor from Budapest hotel. I'm gonna go look it up.. Adrien Brody. So this guy's name is, I guess we could say Asrian Brody.

This one here I thought was all dust all day after I drew it, but it turned out to be just a successful ear—maybe my first and only successful ear, surrounded by the spirit of excrement manifesting itself as line. You'll have to excuse me if I sound like I'm fishing for compliments. I haven't been on facebook much lately so I've been a little deprived. You'll have to excuse me if I sound like I'm backhandedly bragging about isolating myself, but it's just that I'm trying to focus on the flesh and blood people around me. You'll have to excuse me if I sound like I'm bragging about having a social life despite not having a social life. You'll have to excuse me if I sound like I think self awareness is a substitute for self improvement...but I digressed tho. Fair nuff.

I finally figured out how to do shiny cheeks in black and white.

  I felt the need to build an addition on the back of his head because I had him looking too old, but I really liked how I had his face which came before his mom's face which I struggled and mostly failed to bring up to a similar level. I did manage to draw her floppy bun right before she went to fix it though, and I like how their hand holding came out and I strongly dislike her left hand.
I felt like a kind of emo or "han" vibe with this couple. Han is basically a korean "emo" which is more justified than emo--emo being based on being sad because there's no reason to be sad while "han" may have to do with Korean land being taken and f3rted on, so I put some smog in the background.

How bout that girl back there with the Dan Quale hairdo.
Here's the kind of stuff I'm most ashamed of for whatever reason.

 And this is the stuff I'm most excited about for whatever reason. Well, actually the reason is that Digital is the rea1m of the future, and I gottta fnd a way to evenetually emmerse myself in the matrix that is digital 1ive if 1 wannna emerse my self in a n y kin d ofr eal1 mo00ne1 001y.01000110101011110010101010001111011010