Wednesday, March 19, 2008

this is Oscar

It's been a while.


  I been working on creating greeting cards, and trying to combine all my skill-sets. These are some illustrations from them.

I love the way this painting turned out.

more acrylic

I painted my shoes


  I drew my neighbor as a football player for him. His girl really liked it so I decided to paint them together since I been trying to get into painting with acrylic. They loved it.

last of the night on a busy day

  I put my blog address on this one. This family was awesome. I did a demo of the dad which they bought. The next day I ended up drawing the rest of the famlily. Most of those drawings turned out pretty good. But this one's probably the coolest. The family got drawn by some of the other artists too, but they didn't reject um, then come to me. They bought everything. The wall in their house must look ridiculous -- in a good way. I hope they find this. Family's like them keep a caricature artist going.
  Check it out, Ma! This little fellow was very intelligent, so maybe it was okay that I made his dome too tall. But probably not. Aside from that error, I'm pretty happy with this sketch overall. I love the shark and the atmosphere. It's really hard to make a shark look any scarier than a shark actually looks in real life, but this one looks pretty scary to me. I wish I could have made the kid look freightened or something.