Sunday, December 30, 2007

park skitchees

  He wanted it to be as nerdy as possible. I like my World of Warcraft poster. He was big into that.
  This guy was cool. This was actually an Andy reject. Andy drew a trumpet when the guy asked for a trombone. You gotta check out Andy's blog though. He's real good. He's a pioneer. No joke.

Painting for my family for Christmas

  I painted my family for Christmas because I had more time and artistic drive than money. Keeping track of the process kept me going and kept me on track. I got it here for you in reverse order.

  I layed in some colors going for a certain look in my mind but not knowing exactly what I wanted.
  I started coloring in between the lines, hoping and aiming to establish a sense of space.
  This is the first of many layout attempts I did on tracing paper.
  I designed each pose individually until i had what I wanted. then I transfered it to the board using graphite.
  I began in my sketchbook, by drawing my family from photos, and a very sloppy layout sketch.

  The project was very rewarding and I was motivated the whole way through because it's something like I've never done, and cuz it made me remember the old homestead and all my loved ones.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Drawings of friends and a sketch

  This is a wee little drawing I did of Brian Oaks, and I'm almost a hundred percent happy with the likeness.


I drew this for my sister and her husband when they got married. He like ships.

My Mom

  A quick note to all those souls kind enough to leave comments on my blog. This is how my mom looks when you avoid coarse language.
  And this is how she looks when you don't. And since she is my biggest fan, let's all try and be concientious. By the way, her birthday is coming up the 30th of this month. Happy Bday, Mom!

Character design thingies

I see girls like this alot in Sandiego.

Whatup, Jeff

Some Fun Park Sketches

Saturday, August 11, 2007

That's it for now.

  The next five sketches I was drawing at the stand with just me and Brian Oakes to my recollection.

  These three girls were all from the same group. They were from Idaho and they were really cool.

Those last three sketches I was drawing with Joe Bluhm. Buy his book.

Charpak (or however you spell it)

I've begun messing about with this marker. These are some of the ones I was happy with. The top sketch was the first I did in the park that was not a demo. The rest follow in chronological order. I colored the top one with Prismacolor markers. The rest are colored with color sticks.

This was drawn at Lego land. I got two rejects there. This wasn't one of them. The mom loved this.
This was drawn at Sea World. These girls were really fun and then kind of shocked by the sketch. The girl on the left complained that I made her chest less chesty then her friend. To her credit, though, at least I didn't make them lopsided.


This was done on tracing paper. He is the one who is called Loy.
This is a very dear friend of mine from Ohio.
This is a commisioned piece. Whatup, Jeff.