Saturday, August 11, 2007

Charpak (or however you spell it)

I've begun messing about with this marker. These are some of the ones I was happy with. The top sketch was the first I did in the park that was not a demo. The rest follow in chronological order. I colored the top one with Prismacolor markers. The rest are colored with color sticks.

This was drawn at Lego land. I got two rejects there. This wasn't one of them. The mom loved this.
This was drawn at Sea World. These girls were really fun and then kind of shocked by the sketch. The girl on the left complained that I made her chest less chesty then her friend. To her credit, though, at least I didn't make them lopsided.


nELS├ľN! said...

GRafiti boy, couple on the beach and playstation-kid are my favorites, oh yes and Chartpack isnt that good for colour work but powerful on b/w.

Tony said...

Dude you can do amazing things with the Chartpak. I also dig your Loy--he was my first supervisor! Good times.