Friday, November 23, 2007

Character design thingies

I see girls like this alot in Sandiego.

Whatup, Jeff


jeff said...

well hello arron.

very cool stuff here.

i really dig the bodies

how exactly do u go about doing these anywho?
are they live?

jeff said...

i can really see the calvin and hobbes lines u were talkin about now.
these bodies are great

really fresh stuff.

Jeffrey W. Meyer said...

Ha! What the?! When did you draw me again?! Ha! Thats awesome! You should put a caption that says "Washed-up musician that calls himself indie rock to avoid being labeled emo..." Nice work bro... Always a fan!

Jeffrey W. Meyer said...

By the way... You mind if I copy that to desktop and have it?

nate said...

Aaron! I haven't seen your work in so long. Man, I'm blown away. I don't know how you keep stepping it up, but color me impressed. Now I feel like drawing something rad.
Falling Frenchmen OG's 4ever. Unite or die.

chris chUa! said...

dude, these are sweet! I like the different background designs.