Tuesday, October 22, 2019

We have hunting and gathering instincts within us. Everybody does. But we are no longer hunters and gatherers. We are farmers. We have gathered enough plants which we are able to farm that we are able to live—here on the farm. We do not need to hunt and gather, but we have hunting and gathering within us. And we have had mixed feelings about hunting and gathering. Sometimes it brings trouble. Sometimes a hunter or gatherer is snagged by a wolf. But sometimes something is brought back which ends up being of great use to us. And then we have it forever. We farm it. We cultivate it. Hunting and gathering is still of great use to us. But since we have hunting and gathering within us, we don’t need to encourage hunting and gathering. In fact we ought to discourage it so that only the most voracious hunters and gatherers will be able to slip through the cracks of our grip. And we will austricize them but we will learn from them and it will strengthen us. We who have found ways to take pleasure in boredom and stability. Though we have a hunter gatherer somewhere suffocated within us.

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