Monday, December 14, 2015

Here's to you Marc Boutavant. California Boys loves you more than you will know. Wo Wo Wo

We've been collabing with this fellow named Marc Boutavant unbenounced to him.  We got these stickers at the art store and were seasoning our caricatures with them. Its pretty fun. I feel like what little middleschool girls must feel like.

 And Here's a Collab with me and Chua

Jumpy Jumpy. Stickers are the best part of this one.

Saemee helped out a lot with sticker placement. She tells me she's the sticker master from back in the day when she had like hundreds of pages of stickers. All this is coming in very usefull now.

We've had this monkey workin with us.

 We haven't really done any collabs yet. He and I. but it'll happen. I did stick a couple stickers on his pictures though.

I think my signature looks cooler without a stupid date all beside it all cocky like it matters. And which period was this from? Was this from his sticker period. Look at them nice lil stickers by the way. Look at that jumping cast shadow at the bottom thghou. best part.

I think this one has the record for the most stickers on it. At first I was like 'I like this one; let's be cautious with the stickers' but then I wised up and said 'I like this one; let's go overboard with the stickers' and i never looked back. Look how nice that nice little signature in the corner looks. No date. sounds like my weekend. jk. my whole life is a date. One other thing you should check out is the snowman's goal post arms. I learned that from Saemee. Feel free to incorporate it into your own caricature life choices.

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