Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Drawings of Coworkers Part 1 - Jin

This is Jin. She's the youngest employee we have working with us here. She has a very interesting face. Big teeth; puffy eyes. Good stuff.

 This is one of my favorites of the batch. I think it's also the earliest out of these. Good use of the soap head approach. It feels like her to me. 

 I like this one pretty good too, but not as much as the first one. It feels like her mouth and her eyes but from different expressions. I think it's really important to have the whole face pointing to a specific expression now. That was something I wasn't sure about the first few years of drawing caricatures, but now I'm almost a hundred percent sure that's the way to go. Even if the eyes from one expression are the very most unique thing and the mouth from a different expression is the second most unique thing. I think it's best to sacrifice it for the expression. At least that's where my mind is at now. I guess this drawing is good evidence of what not to do then. But I don't think it's an awful caricature. It's most definitely a sellable park sketch in terms of likeness. And sometimes in the park you just gotta jump on the unique thing. Especially if its a squirmy child or something.

 Design-wise this is my favorite, but if design doesn't have anything to do with function, which in this case would be likeness, who needs it? But that's a strange little issue because a caricature with strong design elements might help someone make the jump to seeing a likness when they might not otherwise make that jump..so..BUT also strong design might lead others to avoid seeing a likeness like maybe if they feel like they're being duped or something. So I don't know. The jury's still out. It feels cool to me. I see a nice design, but the likeness comes and goes, but today a coworker with a picky eye told me it looks like her. 

And that same coworker was asking me about what I was thinking with the face shape on this one. I guess she didn't see it. She said she liked the idea though. Jin's face is kinda round but it's not super round compared to some other Koreans. And everybody's face is a little bit round if you squint your eyes and wanna see round, even my face. And I'm a box face all day long.  In conclusion I'm happy with the above drawing.

 This is an earlier take off the same idea. Not too good, but I like the design and I like the hands. Her hair on the right side of her head looks like a devil beard. That was unintentional. Actually, the beard kinda makes it better.

 I'm very pleased with the likeness on this one even though it's very lame.

These next two are failures. I'm not sure what to say. She looks like my friend munyoung who is a man. Maybe I'll post caricatures of Munyoung up next. Yeah. This one's just lacking.. something. It's.. I don't know, but I don't like it much.

 Why am I posting these if I don't like them? I don't know. Maybe it inerests people. Actually, I kind of like some things about this one. Mostly its crappiness. Color could do a lot for this one. That thing in her hand is a princess's ceptor. What does a ceptor do, exactly? It helps people accept her.

Here's one more I did a few days ago. I'm mostly happy with the simplicity and that little nose swirl. And the hat and that's about it. basicness.

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