Monday, March 11, 2013

Some More Live Caricatures Then

I got a photo of the actual people too, but she's all covering up her face so I didn't post it. Korean girls ALWAYS hide their face. I even compelled her not to, but she still did. Alright I'll put the photo up anyway. Here it is.

 Lady, your not taking a fashion photo. This is spose to be for my friends to inspect your face and judge my skillz. Anyway, no hard feelings.

 These were some really great Japanese girls. That girl on the right--her face was...incredible. My drawing didn't end up fully encapsulating my feelings about it. Oh. Sorry about the blurry. I have a big crispy version here.


 Oh. And I should add that the girls are reversed.

 I caught him sticking out his tongue so I was forced to assume that he sticks his tongue out a lot and it's an important part of his character. Same with the girl scratching her eyelid. I'm put in this position. I only have so much time. She had sparklies on her fingernails, and my limitations forced me to draw simple black dots which could be dirt or even boogers. But I'm given the benefit of that doubt, and for this I am grateful.

 He did a brief whistle mouth which I drew here as you can see, but then, when he went to pose for a photo with the caricature after it was finished, he stuck his tongue out, and I was thinking, why is he sticking his tongue out? And I just thought he was being silly but when they went to take another photo with their camera he stuck his tongue out again, and now looking at the caricature, I'm certain, It reads to him that his tongue is sticking out even though that wasn't my intention, but if it came right down to it. Like say, for instance, if he didn't have a tongue, he would have to make sense of the drawing a different way and would see the whistle mouth..if not a cartoon eyeball. "Why am I eating a cartoon eyeball?!" REJECT. just kidding. next

This is a Korean caricature artist named Jin. She's got a bizarre and interesting face. This drawing is a little lack luster. I took a photo though, so here it is. I wanna post more coworker drawings up here with reference of them. That'll be my next post. How bout that. I think I'm talking too much though. When we artists talk about drawing we support the linguocracy but I guess I just gotta stay poetic about it. Thanks for coming to my blog.