Monday, April 8, 2013

Some Life

  PUNCH! Girls love punching their guys with a soft sweater. It's a very cute action.

  I like the cartoony hand with the more realistic lighting, but I'd rather the faces have more zaggeration and unusual shapes. Also, white background is the way to go. Nobody cares about there being background color. Who cares. What is this? School photo day? Blue background is the way of the past.

 A little blue background on the left. I drew that drawing during the last fading moments of the era of the blue background. Afterward, I drew her friend here on the right with the new fresh white background. Lookin sharp, Kiddo.

 When she saw this drawing she said, "Where's my mouth?" Good question. It's up there.

 Babies are fun. When I was in training. My trainer guy basically said, with babies you can just draw a blob and whatever. Sound advice. Ever since then, I always enjoyed drawing babies.

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