Sunday, March 11, 2007

Soul Rebels

These were some of the coolest customers I've ever had. When I show up to work I wait around for a couple hours with no business at all. All the while, fuming inside because I want to draw and nobody wants to sit down, and some people say, "we'll come back" later, and none of those people did. If you're a park caricature artist, you know what I'm talking about. Then these people come up. I can tell they're respectful of art. Look at them. She's got dreads and big earholes. He's got on a soul rebel shirt. And they don't say any of the nonsense about don't draw this or that. A short ways into the picture, the girl was like, "Are you into graffiti or anything." Whataya know, I just started messing with it about a week ago -- putting letters together and such. They were cool, cuz they said the right things. They shut up most the time and didn't appear uncomfortable. They loved the drawing. My firend, Matt McBrien checks out my blog from time to time and told me that I should write more. Well... I just did.

This is my boss and my friend, Manny.


Leslie said...

good customers like that make me so dman happy

Anonymous said...

thats a great buea, i think thats how u spell it, bow, bowl maybe.


but i do know that im diggin the black right in the face.

-jeff pecina-

Matt McBrien said...

Much more writing. Very good. :)