Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Post Post

This man was a kindly old Hare Krishna
Not sure they liked this too much
They loved it and I had a crowd behind me really into it.


Meesimo said...

Thanks for the comment.
These are inspiring pics dude. The kindly Harre Krishna man is awesome!
I'm caricaturin @ Universal over in LA and it's refreshing as all hell to see your blog.

Anonymous said...

aww man, i love all the movement in the young couples sketch. and that old man is jacked foo!
you crazy.

jeff pecina

chris chUa! said...

love that 1st one. awesome!

maybe it's just me, but I dont' like those lil hearts you do. I mean i like the idea and it's cute..but they look too fiddlely. maybe too many hearts or something? maybe if they weren't so squished together. they're kinda distracting to me.

Me! said...

I love the guy from the couple that you think didn't like theirs. The lip on him made ma laugh out loud. *shakes fist*

earthlovin said...

oh man, i love the hare krishna guy. i wish i was still in san diego you would be so fun to work with!