Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Political Figures

I'm tryin to get in the swing of drawing celebrities. It's a very different game, drawing from photos and video, but I think we park caricaturists have some fresh ideas to offer the world of editorial illustration. These drawings don't necessarily portray that in full, but there are hints of it. Retail caricature can potentially be a breeding ground for new approaches and ideas for cartooning, as long as artists feel they don't have to be afraid of the customer.


Joe Bluhm said...

Aaron- These three are amazing. This is some of the best I've seen from you.

Anonymous said...

i think the one on
is the best i've seen of u.
and these are amazing
i especially love the black guy.
i can see alot of hiershfield in it.
but more up to date, more, fresh.
its awesome.

-jeff pecina-

ps. u still need to drizzall me and tama.

Robert Hume said...

I love all of these but my favorite has to be the Obama! Great art on this blog man, I'm going to have 2 keep comming back!