Friday, October 4, 2013

Drawing is one of the Best Things

What if everybody stopped combing their hair, and hair became kind of like our own personal weather? We would stand back and appreciate it like a strange cloud. What's so and so's hair doing today. She's had an interesting month. One morning I woke up, and my hair looked like this...for instance. It's not the greatest thing you'll ever see on the internet, but I was proud of it at the time.

So it's been busier at the stands lately, so of course you know what that means— a disproportionate increase in the number of rejects. Busy times is when we draw faster and lower our standards and attract an audience that we can't relate to but we know how to entertain. 

But this was a reject. I wish I had a photo of the girl for you. Everything about her face was super obvious.....a little too obvious.  I'm sure I missed some things, and I'm even more certain I neglected the verbal interaction, BUT SHE WAS CHINESE! I can't speak Chinese, lady. I wanna just stare at you and classify you?

And then I get away with drawings like this.

 This isn't cute. Right? Here's the couple. It's a blurry photo though,
But look at all that bulk I added to her head, for one. So there you have it. People don't want cute after all.

They want this.
 What is this thing?! Why is his head like that?

Why is this a reject? It's hard to say. But it's easy to guess. I would guess that I was presumtuous. The line drawing is simple and then I colored it in to the point that it looks like it oughta not be that cartoony. The mom might picture a style that's constistant with the feel of the color, and in that visual language I'm talking nonsense... or it might be that I made a mistake when I wrote his name and accidentally said something bad about communism.

This is my friend Sergi and his girlfriend. Sergi's a fantastic live caricature artist, and he's very friendly and fun to be around. 

 Sorry about that sunshine.

One more photo.
Asian faces are bizarre. Look at the skateboard ramp between her cheek muscle and her nose bridge. Drawing is one of the best things because when we have strong feelings about something we see, we can show everybody and get it off our chest. If it wasn't for drawing and I saw somebody with a face like this, I might just think to myself, "Oh boy, here comes old so and so with that strange something about them."

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I love you, man
I haven't had a good Philby-inspired chuckle in quite a while. Well, besides our disease thread of facebook...