Saturday, October 12, 2013

A hodge podge of Manliness

I drew Munyong again today. I like this one. If you wanna see what his real life face looks like you can go to the post I did a few months ago.

So why do photos look like people anyway? Something tells me that the only reason we say photos are what people look like has to do with the brutal reliable consistency of what a photo does--Anyway. Here's JongHo. I'm not gonna do a full post with a bunch of caricatures of him. I'm just gonna post the two I'm most happy with.

  Jong Ho's a fun guy.

  Smoking a cigarette. Interesting Fact: JongHo calls his cigarette's "cloud cookies." Many men smoke in Korea. I'm not too sure why, but I feel like it has to do with rapid industrial growth.

 This post will be all about men, I've just decided. Here's the old man security guard captian we call Mandu Ajashee.

   I don't know how I got him to let me take this. If he knew it was on the internet, he'd surely have my head.

  Here's a man's man, Bill Murray. I'm telling you, so you know. But I wouldn't have to tell you. If I gave ten random American people ten guesses to say who this is depicting and if they guessed it right they'd get a million dollars, I'm confident that over fifty percent of the people would have Bill Murray on their list.

 And for another Bill...

  This is a Bill Hicks I drew from an interview I saw on YouTube. Ok. This is what you'd call a portrait, right? But if I drew a nine year old girl and it looked like this portrait, it might be a reject. Oh, did someone say "reject?" Oh funny you should mention those. 

Here's a reject I got recently. I wish all my rejects looked like this 
 one. I'm happy with something about this. Maybe it's the hands.

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