Thursday, June 20, 2013

Drawings of Coworkers Part 4 - Sujin

 How bout this face! This is Sujin. She looks like a tough little kid from an eighties movie. There's the big fat kid and the kid who smokes and wears leather jackets and the kid who only thinks about girls and there's the goofy little resourceful kid with the headphones. And it turns out Sujin is pretty resourceful. She's always good at fixing things and finding solutions. Three cheers for Sujin!

 Here I made her look like John Denver.

 This is Sujin's go-to funny face anytime a silly photo is happening.

 This is Sujin's "Temp Service Receptionist" look.

  I often make the wrong nostril big for no reason. This is a classic example of that.

 What she's saying, roughly translated to English is: This is what you get!

 Sujin's upper lip and nose are one of the great mysteries of caricatures. I've tried a million different ways to draw it. Ty Jones did a great one.

This is my favorite I've drawn of Sujin. Something about the horizontal roundness I had been under-prioritizing up to this point.


justfrancesca said...

I like them all! Fantastic!

Unknown said...

ah yes, i remember well the endless source of inspiration from miss sujin. Its wonderful to see everything you've done with her. will you say hello to her for me please?

Aaronphilby said...

Ok, Sam. Will do!(: