Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Mom Experiment

I sketched my mother's face a bunch of times, rather quickly, trying to push it further and further. In the last couple steps I found it very natural to abstract and simplify. I see the best likenesses as being the 2nd and third. On the inked one I wish I would have dealt with the mouth differently because I think the viewer is uncertain as to what is upper and bottom lip and chin. I didn't include the teeth.

I've thought, in the past, about simplification verses exzaggeration and I've come to the conclusion that abstraction and simplification are most easily applied after the natural, physical structure of the face has been pushed a great deal. I wonder what would happen if I were to simplify and then exzaggerate. I'll try that tonight.

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chris chUa! said...

this is really cool to see. I like the direction of the inked drawing, but what threw me, more than the mouf, is the nostril, I thought that was an eye at 1st. I like the 2nd row ones.