Sunday, May 21, 2017

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Hi Blog. How are you. Name's Aaron Philby. Me and Saemee are in Ohio and we've been trying to learn about buying a house. The Weather's been nice on some days and nasty on other days. In short it's very much like Ohio weather, but enough about the weather. Before Ohio we were in Korea and I was spending a lot of time painting and believe it or not, we spent some of one month drawing live caricatures down in JunJu. This kind of stuff.

And this kind of stuff

We worked at Wan Kim's shop out there and let me just say the way he's got his set up and everything, and his way of handling the business is pretty awesome and inspiring, and I knew it would be, just from what I knew of him before we went and drew with his company in Jun Ju.

But Jun Ju, and I know I said this on Facebook already, but who even uses Facebook anymore, Jun Ju is a really really fascinating place to visit in Korea, especially on a nice warm day because you can rent a little motor bike and zoom around and go everywhere you want to go and also, if you're into this sort of thing, you can rent Korean traditional clothes. So just imagine. Let's say you're an ordinary American businessman visiting Korea for some, whatever, investing purposes, I don't know, you can go to Jun Ju, with your middleage self and your conservative glasses and get dressed up as a traditional Korean woman from long ago, before demons began taking over the world, and you can rent a motorbike for 15 bucks. It's priced at 20, but I know you can negotiate, cuz I know your kind. And then you can have the best day of your life zipping around and trying all kinds of peculiar Korean foods and meeting all kinds of interesting people and making everybody's day. Would you do that. For me? I don't know if Steve Forbes comes here, but if he does, I'm talking to you Steve.

 So me and Saemee and Wan Kim and Sergie were out and I snapped a photo when Wan Kim was laughing and I decided to make a great big painting of the whole thing as a thank you to Wan Kim for him letting me and Saemee draw there. I'm happy with it and it took a long time. Hope he likes it. I think he does. 

Also in Korea, after we went back to Seoul, I was doing some of these paintings from screen-capturing stills from movies for a little bit there, and I was posting those up on Instagram. And then I was experimenting with the editing functions on Insta. Trying to see what kinds of looks and feels I could get that weren't just your normal go to thing of--turn up the contrast a little, maybe touch the saturation. But here are some of the paintings out of that that I'm happier with. But I'm showing most of them here more in their original states.

 This is from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the original one. Definitely one of my favorite movies.

This is from Pulp Fiction. I really like the idea of giving solidity to something, some image that people connect with. I'm not sure if I'm putting that exactly as I mean to, but well..on to the next.

I tweaked this one a little since putting it on Instagram. This is a scene from Ace Ventura Pet Detective when his landlord comes up behind him and Ace just hears his scary voice and replies with "yes, Satan?" I really wanted to make it look like he was saying that just as he said it in the movie. 

And this is from Mary Poppins. Another one of my all time favorite movies. By far. This is little Michael Banks trying to snap his fingers. I know I got him looking weird, but maybe that's why they call it a caricature.

From the beginning of The Princess Bride. Oh I forgot to mention. I got my cool Star Wars, art-supplies box here. These are my live caricature supplies, but there's a lot of mixed media. Not just prismacolors, but it's kind of evolved to be a weird little mish mash, and all these drawings...I guess there are a couple exceptions here and there with maybe a little bit of acrylic paint--but just a little and some crayola color marker color--these movie drawings are done with my live caricature art supplies so I was partially doing this to force myself to become more intimate with those tools you might say.

And this is a scene from the Matrix. 

Here's one with a similar shadowy esthetic from The Graduate. And then the last one I'm gonna show here is another one from Pulp Fiction to close it out. There are a few more that I've done. I don't have time to post them now cuz I'm here doing this at the library and they close in five minutes, but you can check out Carnymercury2 on Instagram if you want to see those, but I got them blended into some other big weird thing I'm working on, but anyhow, I did want to put a lot more in this post but the darned library is closing and I gotta get outta here like the rest of the bums. Have a great Sunday, folks.


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