Wednesday, May 3, 2017


For anybody who's curious about what i got goin on with carnymercury2 on instagram--which use to be my place for just randomly posting all the drawings and paintings i do and have ever done--what i'm trying to do now is kind of an epic collaborative--i feel--conceptually complex type of undertaking. i have several goals colliding together. one thing i want to do is to have my set of pictures treated as a single peice, so i will encourage people to click like on my least liked drawings (forcing the set of images toward an equillibrium in number of likes) by doing free commissions in a sense, in that i will paint or draw the most recent post of the instagrammer who most recently clicked like on my least liked photo. but with these "commissions" the "clients," for lack of a better word will know that the drawing is not only meant to depict their photo but also be a part of the larger peice, and with the knowlege of the forms already in place in the tapestry they will get to decide in what way or to what degree they would like to play off those forms and if and how they would like to respond and add to the images being depicted. i will be challanged by this process to find ways to amalogomate disparate design asthetics and image motifs while staying as true to the submitted images as possible. The possibilities are really exciting and well beyond what i can currently grasp. 

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