Thursday, December 8, 2016

chu..chu lab, chu lab

the biggest coolest thing happening in the world of caricatures is that Eric Goodwin just put out a full length album of songs about live caricatures. if you're a caricature artist, this is wild wild news and you're probably thinking "well,drawing caricatures is an important part of MY life, but who else would ever want to hear crazy songs about live caricatures besides us?" the answer is people. thats who. everybody and there dumb cousin bill are gonna listen to this bizarre beast of an album. i can feel it in my bones. 

whats going on in my world these days is me and saemee are down here drawing at santas in miami. ive been collabing with chua now and then. We've had some awesome customers and have been able to make some fun and different things. if you think the pictures are wacky and full of hutspa, you should have seen the actual people. so now, without further ado, a set of creations, documents, if you will of the couples weve run into. i hope you'll cherish them as much as we cherished making them.

How wild is this mans face. answer: very wild.

Chris drew the guy on the left. me the girl on the right. most of these took about 1 hour. but we always make sure they know they dont gotta sit still like a statue the whole time. mostly theyre very gracious and patient with us with things like holding smiles and stuff. i try to hold a smile with them so we can empathise together. lately ive been able to get chua into doing simple backgrounds. i do a thing i call series1c where i go for the whole body and try to caricature their fashion and stuff. chua's bodies within that world feel so goofy sometimes. i just love it.

look at that banana body just balancing there. 

Miami is definitely the best place for drawing fashion.

ah. names is the other thing. we work the name nice and big into the composition when they go for gettin the name on there. names is just 2 dollars. a steal for how big we make it.

if the clothes or bodies don't strike me and chua starts doing his half with full body, sometimes i'll have to pull this move. but this man had a great face so i got to focus on all its juicy assets. this guy was real funny and relaxed and just the best customer anybody could have. its my sincere hope that this couple comes back again and again and i get to draw him 50 more times. it would also be weird if he ended up on this blog somehow and read this and somehow that lead to him coming back that would maybe be very akward.

this one got one of the better reactions of the past week or so.

two important points to note. we each did the other guys undersketch. and i drew him standing on lots of little circles.

awesome customers. loved their drawing, and i feel like i got her face pretty good.

he had a big gnarly arm and hand and she was very small so we put her in it. one other thing: this air jordan has two basketball arms. one looks like a head on a long neck.

i like this ones atmosphere a lot. and that drop shadow hits the spot.

another undersketch switch.

and this is my fave and the most recent collab weve done. 

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