Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cartoons Get Caricatures Too

The Simpsons
"Lisa the Beauty Queen" debuted October 15, 1992

The Simpsons
"Sunday, Cruddy Sunday" debuted January 31, 1999

"Art Burn" debuted April 2, 2001 

Spongebob Squarepants
"Krusty Love" September 6, 2002

Family Guy 
"Play it Again, Brian" which debuted March 2, 2008

Opened on December 23, 2011


"Cartman Finds Love" April 25, 2012


 Bob's Burgers
"Moody Foodie" debuted May 6, 2012 


Gravity Falls

"Mabel's Guide to Art" debuted February 7, 2014 

"Zoo" which debuted on July 3, 2014

Uncle Grandpa
"Hundred Dollar Gus", debuted June 8, 2015

Teen Titans Go!
"The H.I.V.E Five" debuted July 27, 2015





alex carter said...

For some reason, searching "cartoons get caricatures too" on Google is the only way I can find your excellent blog.

alex carter said...

And ... the only way I can find your blog OR remember your name is to Google "cartoons get caricatures too".