Saturday, September 13, 2014


Don't show me your bric-a-brack. If you're gonna put something in front of my face make it worth looking at.


what's this?

That's a caricature I drew of a couple that I feel came out pretty good.

Where's the couple? What do they look like? I wanna see a photo.

I don't have a photo

So why am I looking at this

I don't know

Is that Munyong?


Hahaha. Nice. I like it. 

How do you know Munyong?

You drew him last week.

The week before.

That's right. This is cool. You should draw everybody how they are at their easel.

I should.

Kinda sloppy though.

But then you're my worst critic

I doubt it

 I could be anywhere right now. I could be on Reddit or in the real world

This is a drawing of mine that Munyong copied and then I guess he used the same sheet to do line quality excersizes, and this was very surprising when I found it. It looks very gruesome.

That's pretty funny. Next

You see this?


Can you guess what this started off as?

maybe,...I'm gonna say...people walking around with fifty some dollars and having a pretty good day.

that's nice. That's really funny. You sound like dialogue. This isn't my drawing, anyway. This is by Minok. And it started off as this.

Hahaha. that's a very liberal interpretation. 

This one's by Sujin

And this is by Munyong

Is that yours, I'm guessing?


This is Young Eun's

What's the message in all this?

That is a leap and a half.

The message is whatever you want it to be. There's no message.

That was cool, Aaron Philby.


I feel like the message must be something like...don't draw caricatures.

It's mostly just a neat little game that I wanted to show the results of.

No photo?

No photo

This is cool though. And I like how the umbrella doesn't make sense but it still feels like an umbrella.

That's Sunny! I like that. I do believe you captured her essence. See, I like it when I know who it's suppose to look like otherwise its just cartoons, and not even that.

I like how I made his nose orange.

Your a weird guy, Aaron Philby. Don't ever let anybody tell you different.

Did you notice how she's giving me a look.

You know what? She's giving you a look but he's actually giving you the look, like on Ace Ventura when he's trying to find the guy with the missing diamond and he's in the bathroom at the urinal.

Oh. yeah. hahaha. I can see it.

That's the look. She's looking at you like "are you makin jokes?"

And I was

Was her chin really like that?