Friday, August 29, 2014

Night Scene

We did some traveling, me and the lady and her family. I got to paint and hang out with her father some. Here's a little night scene I managed. The nice thing about a night scene is the light doesn't keep changing, but then there's the mosquitoes. I got pretty bit up incase anyone's interested. Both of my tootsies got a big hum dinger right one the top right where the laces would be if my foot was a shoe and those suckers itch like a monkey. Long story short, we got to travel around some and one thing I saw that was pretty unforgettable was out by the ocean, in this sandy mucky beach area there were tons of little shells and some of them were empty and little crabs would shatch them up and walk around with um pretending to be snails. There were so many tiny little crabs out there with and without confiscated shells that I made sure I kicked shoes off real clean because those lil critters were just barely visible but they were definitely there. I keep going on and on with this paragraph because I keep hoping I'll say something worth ending on but it hasn't happened yet. So, I'm looking forward to going to the caricature convention and mostly just being back in America. I can't wait to draw with markettes again. Boy what I wouldn't give to draw a caricature with a nice juicy markette with a good tip. Boy howdy. As long as there's lots of markettes in America, well then, by George Joseph Jones that's the place I gotta be. Wind in my hair, nothin but road ahead of me, one arm out the window, the other texting, and the good Lord steering, by golly. I miss Arby's, for one. And the Taco Bell here doesn't have pintos and cheese. And the Subway doesn't taste quite the same, and Starbucks and the Chinese people. Oh, you know what's funny. If someone, for instance me, were to say something like "Wow there's so many Chinese people here," that might come off like a dumb blonde joke or something but it's the truth. There are lots and lots of Chinese people here for this not being China. And you may just think I'm over accustomed and holier than though, but Chinese doesn't sound ANYTHING like Korean. It sounds like..It sounds like Chinese, and then Korean sounds like..I guess it does sound a little like Chinese... but much quieter. Chinese people are loud. thanks for coming to my blog. Come back anytime. You're always welcome.

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