Friday, August 1, 2014

Find the Irish

 Great reaction for this one. Wish I had a photo to show ya.

 I messed up on her but I got him pretty good--except I didn't make him real red like he was.

and I made his eyes too far apart

among whatever other mistakes
  Attempting to capture a non smile but also non repose expression such as this one can be a gamble, but I reckon I'm a gamblin man.

 He was blowing on her to cool her off.

 This is the economy version of the couple caricature.

This here couple was really cool and hip. They spoke perfect English which is usually intimidating at first but I was able to shift into my social skills without stalling or grinding the gears.

 Jon and Esther have funny names for a young couple. It sounds more like some of my Grandma's old friends like yeah we ran into Jon and Esther. He seems to be recovering from his gull blatter surgery.

When I draw Korean children I get two chances to see their teeth, when I ask their age and when I ask their name.

Or when they smile of course.


This is a drawing of a young Bobby Dylan. I call him Bobby.

Here's a list of how to name drop classic rockers.

Janey Joplin
Jim Hendrix
Jimmy Morrison
Petey Townshend
Elmo Presley
Ecky Clapton

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