Saturday, February 22, 2014

Modular Thermal Sensors in Temperature-Grated Transient Receptor Potential Channels

Sometimes I see a man, and it reminds me that I am but a man.

This man was chewing his gum like crazy, and I took a real quick photo but this kid caught me.

This is part of my face. What have I become? It's hard to believe I use to be a beautiful infant.

We can't all be handsome and carefree like Justin Beiber here

or Steve-O

When it's all said and done beauty and charisma and personality is only skin deep. Why even Lucifer himself was said to be the most beautiful and charismatic of all angles, and let it be known, he can take many shapes and forms, like that of the slithering serpent...

or a common slice of pizza.

This is Gloria Jones and Anthony Laury. They host a politics morning radio show out of Uvelspodozzle Nebraska.

Bruce Lee


not a reject

not a reject

  reject. And I was joking with them and we were having a good time. I was hamming it up a little which makes this reject all the more sour. It was all the guy. He gets a 2 because I know it was all male ego stuff. I change my mind. I'll give him a three, because they were pretty quick and clean about it. That's all there is for this week. I'm getting a little tired of the sound of my own voice so it might just be pictures for a while up in the blog wasteland, but I'll try to make um fresh and funky.


Emily Byrne said...

Pictures are required, ( and immensely enjoyed) but IMHO so is the sound of your own voice on this blog...

Aaronphilby said...

Your HO is immensely appreciated and noted. Thank you, Emily (: