Saturday, February 15, 2014

At the Japan Mini-Convention

I do believe of all the minicons this one took the record for attendance. 50 more people and it would have been the size of a regular con. It was held on the outskirts of Nagoya Japan at the airport, and about a hundred artists showed up. One special thing that happened here that I experienced for the first time was the way they brought the public into the retail competition process. We were actually drawing paying customers. It was held at a busy airport so there were tons of regular ordinary people eager to participate for the 5 dollar tickit fee which they would redeam with the artist of their choice. Here's me and Young Eun. 

As for the con itself I had a vision for my wall and I might have pulled it off with a few more days. But have a look.

Uh..That's me on the left there. 


If you have children in the room, just be aware that some of the imagery you are about to see is graphically un-caricature like.

The one and only Loren Bernson.

This is Majelin. 

Kojimaru. Good guy.

Anne Bush. The cat's pajamas.

Sun young Kim

Sun young Kim


Here's a fun one. Lulu and Young Eun. She's squeezing his nose so hard that all the black heads are coming out.

I think I like this one best. It took me ages though. This is Chihiro. And that's all there is folks. 

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