Friday, November 29, 2013

It's Just Bills

  This post is the sequel to A Hodge Podge of Mannliness which featured drawings of Bill Murray and Bill Hicks. Here, above, is Bill O'Reilly. He's always fun to watch. WE'LL DO IT LIVE! That's his catch phrase. Fox News is fun stuff. It's one of those things. Either you LOVE it or you HATE it. It's very controversial.

  And here's Bill Maher, a polarizing political figure if ever there were one. He always looks like he's got some wiseacre thing to say. His face fits his persona perfectly. Also, he's got a New York socialite mullet. Also he looks like Christian Bale trick-or-treating as a treasure troll.

  Post internet Bill Clinton is the Bill Clinton who got confrontational with this goofy looking Fox news guy. It really does feel too entertaining to be real. Ah, but I guess it is a little tame compared to Jones and Morgan if you know what I mean..., but for it just being Bill Clinton and a goofy looking guy it's a pretty lively exchange. 

  I think of two things when I think of post Internet Bill Cosby. I think of Pokemon and I think of a tough old man criticizing black culture as it's portrayed in the media. Here's some sketches I did. I was gonna just post the top one, but then I decided that if I showed the whole page you could just soak it all in.

And the last Bill is Bill Burr. He's an ordinary everyday guy in his comedy. He's like "Hey, I mean come on, people." Maybe his persona is so extreme in the direction of "Hey, I mean come on, people" that maybe he's exactly the opposite in his private home life. The exact opposite is "Ho, I don't mean go off, animals." Makes you think. I like his face a lot. It has a really interesting feel. Not necessarily in this drawing, but in the videos I see of him, Bill has the vibe of a cute little Norman Rockwell kid wearing a big football helmet made of flesh. 

Thanks, friends. Come back next week. I believe I'm gonna focus on Korean plastic surgery which should be interesting and hopefully disgusting.


Jeffpecina said...

Most excellent

Dave Stephens said...

You continue to amaze. So. Please continue. ;)