Friday, November 1, 2013

Drawings of Coworkers 5 - Jinha

 A good face. Very Asian. A lot of fun.

   My first drawing, an utter failure, but it felt like I was doing all the right stuff you know. There's that shape, there's that shape, putting it together like a puzzle.

    This is the strongest likeness in my opinion, but some people can't tell what he's suppose to be holding. It's a chocolate chip cookie. 

   I don't know how, but he must have managed to stay in the same position long enough for me to manage a more realistic lighting approach. He wasn't even posing. He must have been sketching. Yeah, I think he was sketching at the same time I was sketching. I like doing drawings like these when I'm able to do it without the use of a photo... like a purist... like an old man set in his ways.

   Here's Jinha, simultaniously praying for and receiving God's blessings and love energy.

  Jinha has a small head, especially for an Asian, so here I attempted to shrink his head. I like the idea on this one better than the likeness, but the likeness...yeah the likeness is a little generic.


  Winter is nearly upon us. It sure did get cold quick this year. I'm glad to say I got to travel around and enjoy the spring and summer though.

touch the dust. feel the earth.

 Look how small Korean trucks are! Cartoonishly small. This is not a replica of a truck. This is an actual truck.

  A few posts back, I showed you Jongho. Here's another drawing I did of Jongho, yesterday, using every color stick in my set. I want to congratulate Jongho on his fresh new perm.

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