Friday, June 10, 2011

Its All About Seoul

There was a couple of security guards eyeballin the caricature stand like, wouldn't it be funny if we got one of those some day. They looked like they had good sense of humors so I just started drawin them from where I was. The likeness and cartooniness came out pretty strong, so I was happy with it and they were just lovin it and laughin it up, so I was extra happy.

This is a girl named Sunny who works out here. Part of her job is to help out the foreign visitors with difficulties they might face. She has a real fun face to draw. I chunked her up a little, but most Koreans are super skinny, so if I am comparing her to other Koreans than maybe the chunkage was the right decision.

This is a drawing of Kevin Jackson. He's not in Korea, but he's one of the people I had to draw as a short silly little deal I made on Facebook. I said, anybody that clicks like on this comment before such-and-such deadline, gets a free caricature, and I got three clicks. Kev was one of them, so this is what I drew. He was the face I had the most difficulty with because I've drawn him many times and also I've seen a lot of great drawings of him. For my two favorites, click here and also here. Don't be mad if I didn't include your drawing. Just be happy.

I don't know. Yonie says, out here it's cool for the guy to hold the lady's purse. Maybe this is true. Maybe that's just how she gets sorry saps like me and Ty to lug it around like a couple o dasies, but where I come from, the guy don't carry the purse. Not for more than a brief second. We carry a wallet, and we got pockets...that are mostly empty, I might add. We say, ok woman, you can carry a whole bunch of extra stuff, but you're the one that's gonna schlep it around. I'm not a mean guy. I got big fat empty pockets. You can cram as much in there as you can fit, but I carry no purse. This is the American mentality.

I guess we're going in reverse chronological order. I think I did this the first night I arrived in Korea. Or it may have been the following morning or something.


Ted Blackman said...

Any man that would carry a woman's purse squats to pee.

Mr. Urzua said...

awesome awesomeness

justfrancesca said...

You keep getting better man:)