Saturday, June 19, 2010

Commission and Bird

I was commissioned to do this piece. It's for a Father's Day gift for the guy with the big nose. They were very specific about all the specifics. They had photos of the guns they wanted to be shooting, and Jack Bauer was to be shooting the same sort of gun the dad was shooting. So they had photos of the guns from the side, so I guess they actually own these semiautomatic weapons or, you know they might be automatic. I'm not sure, but I went ahead and gave him a big nose just the same. What else, what else? Oh yes, they were all to be shooting in the same direction with an explosion going off in a different place from where they were shooting; they wanted a 24 clock counting down somewhere; they were all to be wearing CTU gear; and the baby's CTU letters were to be in pink. I was a little puzzled about this because in all the reference of CTU gear I saw, I didn't see any letters, so I just kind of wrote CTU in pink. Problem solved. And here's a clever thing I did. Feel free to use this. The time on the 24 clock is actually the date of Father's Day this year. That's right. Gotta make a copy of that one for Grandma. Oh, and one more point of interest. The baby is a girl.

This is a bird.


Unknown said...

that was a great little trick which i will steal if ever i have a commission that calls for a 24hr clock countdown. ;)
really interesting commission did you feel weird drawing people with weapons?

Seo Kim said...

that is hilarious.

Aaronphilby said...

A little.

justfrancesca said...

That's fantastic, it looks great. Jack's caricature is poyfehct.