Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sea World San Diego Beast Heads Logo Idea

  Artists working for Kamans Art Shoppes in Sea World Sandiego are called Beastheads cuz we jack faces and or take pride in our skitches. You come to sea world and get drawn by somebody, even if you're a little nervous and twitchy, and you got all kinds of insecurities with yourself that you've got to share, you're gonna get drawn by a creative mind, and when you leave you'll know what your ugly mug looks like, or more-so. And, since we Beastheads are s' darn cool, we should have a logo. This is my idea. It looks kind of cool and fun like us. I think maybe the SD on the head should be bigger though. Maybe, the blackened eyes is too Gorillaz. It's just a little sketch anywaze. 

  So, check out the Sea World Sandiego Beastheads blog, and check out all the artist's links. Then, come to SeaWorld and get your face drid by me and everybody else and buy frames.


Sam said...

meh. i can frame it myself.

Aaron said...

Sam Gorrie, ladies and gentlemen. (I think)

rymit said...

this is a neat little fellow you have here!

bathmate said...

it really very good.
I love it !
I like it !