Friday, August 15, 2008


Tall kid and his nanna. She had a real cool face, and was a little stocky, so I was a bit nervous about how she would react to me drawing what I was looking at, which was her face, but it turns out she's okay with her face, and so am I and so was her kid. So everything was okay, just the way it should be. I like it when everything is okay, and it was. She, in her moo-moo, he in his wife-beater.

This is just made up. I like the water and the kid's expression and the interaction between the two.


Unknown said...

hmm. the title of your post confuses me, but i really dig those two drawing. how you drew the mom is pretty great. her big frown creases. i can't stomach the courage to do that. help me! and yeah, that kids expression in the second one is endearing.

David Wolter said...

I love the facial expression on the kid with the dolphin! It's like he's thinking "Doy," and I dig the glasses too. Nice work.

Joe Bluhm said...

The kid with the dolphin is an amazing drawing on so many levels. You should do this sort of warm-up every day, before you draw guests. Once you get one sketch done like this, the rest of your drawings will be this good- your habit for the day will DEMAND that quality.

I look forward to more!