Friday, May 30, 2008

A Good Customer

  I had the awesomest customer yesterday. I was drawin' Puff Daddy or P Diddy or Vincent Schiavelli with Sunglasses from a magazine and this ten foot tall black guy, about my age was just lovin on it. He decided he wanted to get drawn by me, so I did just that. While the sketch was taking place this guy was so full of good humor and love of life, he just livened up the whole stand. Halfway through the sketch the guy tells me he looks at cartoon blogs for inspiration also. He said he looks at the blog of the guy who did Ren and Stimpy, and I'm all "No kiddin! I go there to. That site is great." So, long story long, He was real cool and so were his friends. The thing happened that I always want to happen, but very seldomly does, and that's me doing a drawing from a magazine or something, somebody coming by and, being sufficiently impressed, decides to get drawn by me. It happens so seldomly, that when it does happen, it catches me off guard and I forget to enjoy it until the end. Usually, somebody will come up and be like, "Wow, that looks awesome! Let's get drawn by another artist." This fat paragraph is about over. Last thing I like to say is, good sir, if you find the blog, thanks for bein so cheerful. Keep drawin. Check out my links.

  And...Speaking of links. I'm adding a couple links. First, you gotta check out Uncle Eddie's Theory Corner. He has the craziest cartooniest oldesh man face you've ever seen. He does these little five to ten minute Youtube bits. He just explains his theories about art and music and stuff, and is delightfully expressive.

  The other spot is John K's blog. Most of you probably already been there, but if not, check it out. He's very intelligent and opinionated. He writes incessantly about the nitty-gritty elements of cartooning as an artform.


Marc Deckter said...

Hi Aaron, thanks for dropping by DUCK-WALK. Your caricatures are a lot of fun! Keep up the great work. -Marc

rymit said...

john k has a team that works and updates his blog.

taylorMADE said...

Hey man, my name's Taylor (you drew me at the convention this year) and I'm doing caricatures over at Legoland. I was just wondering, are you guys allowed to sit and draw in your down time between sales. We're supposed to be "hustling" (I hate that word, it sounds so dirty). Anyway, that's very cool someone saw what you were up to and that made their decision to get a caricature.
Love your stuff by the way and yea, John K is them man, especially for created Ren & Stimpy.