Wednesday, May 14, 2008

book book

  I'm runnin out of books right quick, since we didn't print so many. If you'd like to order one, drop me an email at The book is $5 plus $1 for postage, so that's $6. It contains fifty cartoons. So, like I said, send me an email. I'll reply in one of two ways. I'll either say something like "send me the money and I'll send you a book" or something like "Sorry. All out." So if you wanna do this, then lets do this. If it's too shady and unprofessional for you, hopefully we make more copies and maybe we'll set up a paypal thing and you can wait till then. Thanks for looking at my blog everybody. I'm going to be getting a computer as soon as I get that $600 in my bank account, and then I'll be postin like a crazy man.

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