Sunday, April 29, 2007

Three Celebrities

I think it's pretentious to not reveal the identity of one's celebrity carictures, and I'm a pretentious fellow, but I'll tell you who these guys are anyway. This is Steve Carrell
Larry David
Louis Armstrong


jordanliketheriver said...

larry david is brilliant. even if that sketch wasn't supposed to look like anyone it would be hilarious. the fact that it does so well takes it over the top.
p.s. you just think you're pretentious, but i don't think that's it. it was good of you to label them though.

Robert Hume said...

The Larry David one is Genious!

Pink Mitten Syndicate said...

Steve Carrell is really weak. Simplification is not your bag my friend. In fact, it's your tragic flaw.