Friday, April 20, 2007

Many Park Skitches

coworker lady named Elizabeth
Sketch I found from Cedar Point Big Bash.
Awesome customer from Africa, who had a British accent
Make a wish girl

Her mother said she's gonna have some big rolls in some movies comin out soon. I forget her name but I remember it was all French sounding.


Anonymous said...

great stuff man, very strong exxaggeration while keeping a very good likeness.

chris chUa! said...

dude, that 1st one is so badass awesome! I like that background a lot too.

I like that 2nd one a lot too, I don't know how you came up with what you did though, but it works.

that last one of the girl, the linework and rendering is gorgeous. super slick. but not sure about the eyes, I was thinking a bit more slanty and maybe closer together to help emphasis her wide mouth which is what I think really stands out when I look at her. but overall still works and got her vibe.

G R I G O R said...

them top ones der - is NICE- u do fak-tastic bodies - dude-

bog_art said...

Just awesome!!.. Excellent man!!.. congratulations..

Anonymous said...

hey look its the back of kevin reuters head!

jeff pecina

Althea said...

Interesting to know.