Thursday, July 27, 2017

certain things about peoples faces and expressions have had certain effects upon me, i have found. i would bet im not alone in this. i'll have certain feelings about a person that will be driven by certain things about their face and the way they use it. i can think of a couple examples. a big obvious one is pretty girls. but it doesnt really intimidate me like it did before because i've examined it so much. i mean what im getting at is there's a million of these types of things, here's another one. i get a certain feeling when i look at someone who has big heavy eyelids. some peoples faces have a friendly quality to it like with a smiley mouth and droopy or arched eyes. some people have a built in stand offish or grouchy looking face. but if as an artist i feel the face having some effect on me, i can examine like a detective. i can try to get to the bottom of what is giving me some feeling, and draw it, or i can allow myself and my actions to be regulated by those shapes. or heck maybe a little bit of both.

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