Monday, October 19, 2015

I have a mustache now, kind of like what Freddy Mercury had especially since I also have a buzz cut. 

And since I draw at fairs now I'm a carny. 

I'm Carny Mercury. Thats my new caricature name. we should all have a cool caricature names. Are we gonna be lame like studio musicians and use our own boring names??
 I couldnt decide at first if it should be Carny, Carnie, or Carney Mercury or what. I finally settled on Carny Mercury though. It doesnt look that cool though. What about carnee mercury, or karnee. oo. i kinda like that.

check out this next one here. i had an idea and i tried it. saemee wasnt there when i drew it, but. when i showed her a photo later she recoiled and couldnt look at and said it was so gross, so there you go. haha. 

anyway, Little Rock is awesome. couldnt ask for better customers. sooo fun

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