Sunday, September 20, 2015

York PA

Chua Collab, not from York, in fact, but most of the drawings here are from York.

and this is chua making some kind of noise I...I don't know what kind
Here's jimmy.
Here's a couple I drew
Here's a little girl. I had drawn a very very cautious drawing prior to this and it had a mom waiting for me for her too young daughter dressed like a grown woman, and she asked if I could draw not funny. And I told her we just do the funny ones, and she said, immediately, ok that's fine. Can you make a lot of color in the background. I said sure. This came about. Nothin too crazy  but I like the tree on the right.

Collaboration with saemee

and here's a collab with Chris Chua from a previous fair.

Collab with Chua
With Chua
With Chua

With saemee

with myself

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