Saturday, July 11, 2015

one of my favorite things these days is drawing small heads on big bodies. so i had a vision for a couple of small heads for this couple. so i started it out and then andy drew the second one. i feel like andy could have went a little smaller with his head--the girl on the left, but i cant expect people to all be  able to make heads as small as i make um right out of the gate since ive spent much of this fair honing my small heads already.

here was a fun lil gal. i just gave her a freebie so we could bring in some customers. she ended up really liking it.
heres another collab i did with andy. i drew the guy. i love when somebody has something on their face that nobody else has. this guy had a gold nugget growing on his face on which grew his nose.
this was one of my favorite collabs with andy. this man i drew was so silly and fun. he kept chuckling at everything these two drunk girls who were being drawn by nate and chua to the left of us said. he seemed like a naughtly little boy with a MAD magazine and a bag of candy.

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