Sunday, May 3, 2015

There's Nothing New Under This Sonofagun

chinese clown baby getting sucked up into the laminator again

 A doctor from India, here in Korea to learn about facial asthestics. I showed him what I knew about his facial asthestics.

 boring drawing unless you know the kid and never seen a caricature before or happen to like good captions

  drawn  in a (completely justified) self-made cloud of rejection paranoia.

 Coworker, Sangeen, after getting punched in the eye by God as a baby.

This is what you get if you all have pretty good faces and your all being pretty good models but I'm still kind of scared of you.

Damon Albarn, now known best for his work with the music group, Gorillaz, was once the lead singer for this London based rock band.

Munyong was standing behind me when I started this couple so I slapped down the girl's mouthshape like BAM. I wanted to see if I could hold Munyong there cuz I knew he had to go, but yeah, I think I had him through the mouth but then he left.

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