Saturday, March 14, 2015

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Somethin about photos. I was just thinkin about this. So there's the abstract realm and there's the realm of reality, if we're to use the word "realm" and be serious. There's the abstract realm--this is the realm of representation, and there's the real realm--reality. You know what reality is, I hope I don't have to explain that one, but I was just thinking about: If there were a gray area between these two realms, what would be the grayest area? What about photos? Photos represent life. They are not, themselves, life right? Or reality. That which they show is not itself reality but a representation. 

I'll admit I didn't actually start thinking "what is the grayest area between real and abstract, but it was more like I came up with a way to express a sort of quite frustration I've felt about the way I hear people talk about photography sometimes. Photography seems to be the official, or standard go to source on what's real. But isn't a camera just a machine that brings in all this data according to it's algorithm or whatever and spits it out on a piece of paper. Of course there's also the photographer to consider, but the very simple fact that some photos look more like a person than other photos ought to pull back the curtain on the whole charade. Those early photos---the first thousand or so photos taken--maaaany years ago. How much did these images really really look like the people? is what I'm asking, and how much of it was intimidation and the flash of the shiny machine that made us all go "yeahhh! that's us!" It's just a food for thought. Think it over. Mull it over.

I've been back in the park here in Korea, but we're going to be going to America come June.

Come June, going to America. One way ticket. First we're going to be in San Diego at the Fair. Chua, Natekap, Eric, Andy, Mae, Jared. It's gonna be a real rompous.

Gettin silly. This is one of my taller haired bosses here in Korea. I don't know if it looks like him, but it looks like his hair.

How'd that eye get all the way up here. He's like a like a little two year old crawling off to play in the knife drawer. CONNOR! NO!

Coworker Sangeen, a halloween mask among men

If you like that you should see how I changed the date into the actual date.

Going for the wallet on the inside pocket. I'll say it so you don't have too. Keep up folks! *snap snap snap

I've learned this. caricatures sometimes come out better if you give the customer a good smack in the head first.

I was trying to feel the Andy vibe on this one.

I was trying to feel the Oakes vibe on this one.

Me and Saemee sleeping at her parents' house

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